Saturday, July 01, 2006

At Home

One of the best things about returning home after a trip is going through the accumulated mail. Now, not everyone enjoys this. But then, not everyone has a delicious bag of yarn waiting for them! Look at this beauty! In my own little world, in my own little way, nothing gives me more squealable pleasure than a whole bunch of wee little balls of yarn just waiting to be turned into something terrific. Add to all the wee ones a free (free!) hank of Gladiolus sock yarn, and you have many, many reasons to thank the lovely Katie for her generosity.

Then, too, one must thank one's Secret Pal for this:

A spiralbound journal whose cover proclaims "sometimes I think life would be easier if I weren't so fabulous" (true, huh, girls?), stunning clear needles with turquoise spirals inside, and Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers! Is she a great Secret Pal, or what??

Plus, the mail uncovered a surprise card from Roxanne, a thank you from the person whose Magic Yarn Ball I wound, letters from several pen pals. . . Good stuff all around. And only two bills!

We got back in yesterday afternoon. The drive back was infinitely better than the horror trip up. We were stuck in traffic on and off all the way, occasionally coming to dead stops, once for at least an hour. Couple that with periods of blinding rain (always hitting when I was behind a silver car, which made seeing even harder), and it felt like we would never get to Nashville. It wound up taking us about half-again as long as it usually does. Brutal. But the days were nice, well-spent, I think, and I have a few photos to show.

For now, though, I'm off to marry Katie's yarn and Epstein's patterns, and see what I can come up with!


At 12:46 AM, Blogger Carrie K said...

Welcome home! And nice welcome home. Yarn! Knitting books! Can't wait to see what flowers you knit up.

The weather sounds terrible. I hate driving in the rain, especially in traffic (or at night). Isn't the first night home in your own bed heavenly?

At 3:11 AM, Blogger Becky said...

I love getting home after a trip. And to have yarn waiting for you is great.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is some lovely mail to come home too! Glad you're back!

At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear your home safe and really hope you enjoy the book! I started going through it myself and started a flower yesterday at work! great projects for a little bit of left over yarn! your secret pal!

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous katie said...

Good to see the package made it! Can't wait to see what uses you find for the little bits!


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