Monday, June 19, 2006


My Daddy, God love him, told me all his life that things just always work out. (I've got to, somehow, find a way to put a picture of him here.) And, once again, he was right.

Despite the awful portents about Hannah's birthday, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day. In very large part, that was due to all of you who wished her well here --- THANK YOU!! (Unlike her rather phobic brother, she enjoys being blogged about. Short of some weird experiment so designed, the two of them couldn't have been made more different.) And she thought the picture of Mr. Duchovny was inspired.

Whomever is having a birthday at this house is placed in charge of the entire day: TV, music, food, schedule, the whole shootin' match. Hannah chose a vegetarian restaurant, a trip to the mall, lots of "X-Files" and "Invader Zim," her Japanese pop CDs in the car --- you get the picture. Again, she seemed happy and content all day, which is, after all, the point. Most of her gifts she already knew about, but we managed to sneak a couple of surprises in on her. So her Granddad was on the money one more time.

And, not to be morbid or martyr-ish, but, since we've no living fathers here, yesterday was spent as a fairly mundane Sunday. I'm knitting fingerless mitts again, one pair for myself, one pair as a gift, so I toiled away at them. I'm trying not to do too much on the afghan, as the generous Katie has promised some other yarns, and I want to be sure and work them in. I did start, sort of on Katie's inspiration, sorting through all my patterns, getting them a tad better organized. That's fun to do every now and then --- I forget what I have!

Otherwise, I am completely free from school. We will be heading to Nashville this Saturday, staying for a week. No computer access there, as I've said before, short of availing ourselves of the Library's machines. But there is a terrific yarn store not 5 minutes from Mama's house. I've been saving my shopping day from Stashalong to use there.

Thanks for the kind descriptors of yours truly, left in response to an earlier meme. Must work now to live up to them. And, I owe some of you some words of your own!

And, it would appear that lots of you love Scrabble, according to the answers to my last question. Life is also popular, especially putting the people-pegs into the little cars! Risk, Monopoly and 221-B Baker Street (very nice call, Jennifer!)also got nods. Myself, I've long been partial to Sorry!, though I really, really like to play Mancala. Next up: What language would you like to learn?


At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to learn sign language and I'd also like to learn Norwegian! i took a trip there once and that was the only thing that would have made the trip better! I have lots of relatives there and was not able to talk with my grandmothers brothers and sisters only through someone else. So sorry this is going on and on but anyway if I return I'd like to know the language and I am currently taking a class at the community college on sign so I am hopefully taking care of that!!!
enjoy your trip! sending a package so hopefully it will get to you before you leave!!!

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Have a good trip!

I'd forgotten about Sorry, great game, that.

A language I'd love to learn is Japanese. I'm not sure why other than I like learning about Japanese history, art, and of course, the food!

At 2:33 PM, Blogger teabird17 said...

I just blogged about nu shu on my new (shared) reading blog, - it's an ancient Chinese language that was used to communicate in secret... And now I'd like to learn that. However, in real life, I'd like to learn Spanish.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I never answered your previous question, but Scrabble would have been my vote. :-) I also, in the right company, do love me some Trivial Pursuit.

Oh, what language WOULDN'T I like to learn??? I'm a word nerd, after all. I've tackled Spanish and Japanese already -- both are extremely rusty now due to lack of use, but at one point I was quite proficient in Spanish and knew enough Japanese to get by. There's not a language out there that I wouldn't enjoy trying, but I have a weird fascination with German -- maybe it's all the Old English I took in college, or maybe it's the German blood in me. Who knows?


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