Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quick --- And I Do Mean Quick --- Check-In

I am sitting in the Brentwood Public Library, using one of the "guest" computers, because Briton has the lengthier access my mother's card provides.

We are having an enjoyable, though very hot, visit. We have moved through all the predictable stages: not talking too much, talking too much, being angry, pouting sullenly, missing the pets, wishing we had more money, thinking how soon we have to leave. . . Regular travel things.

Hannah and I visited Threaded Bliss today, and I picked up several skeins of pretty alpaca on clearance. Also picked up a knick knack or two for swaps and Secret Pals. And got a picture of Hannah with Rudy, the owner's dog. The one whose nose smells like grape jelly. (Rudy. Not the owner.)

We've been to the Parthenon, to all our usual haunts, both shopping and eating, we've been inundated with Nicole Kidman / Keith Urban coverage, we've valiantly tried to rescue a baby deer from a collision with a car --- it's all been eventful.

Lots of knitting going on, as I have no chores to distract me. I'll fill you in when we return home, and I get to use a computer that doesn't have a blinking timer on it!!

I miss reading what's going on with you all. Hope you are cool, and, to anyone in the Northeast, dry!


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Jade said...

Oh, it sounds like a lovely time ... even the 'normal travel' stuff. Continue to have fun, and when its time, a safe journey home.


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