Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have just about decided that my headaches are menstrual/menopausal, at least in part. (This is exactly the inviting start to a blog entry everyone loves, I realize.) Still, I'm trying to get to the chiropractor, because that helps, too. I stayed home from school yesterday, the pain was so intense. Today, I'm better, though it's like the headache is almost there, but not quite. Like it's wearing a leather jacket, and fingering a switchblade in its pocket, waiting around the corner for me to walk by unawares.

Too much metaphor?

The star musician from my last question is the wonderful Jade, who, it appears, played just about every instrument there was in her high school band. There were a couple of clarinetists (yours truly included), too. And stringed instruments were the wishes of most: people want to learn --- or are learning --- banjo, guitar and cello. As for myself, I've wanted to be a drummer since I was, maybe, 8. I have a picture of myself one Christmas morning, in my "mini-dress" gown and white go-go boots, banging on my new drum set. I still want to learn to play.

Today's query: Who is your favorite comedian?

The Headache trumped The Knitting the last couple of days, so there's nothing on that front. Those who asked about the animals in the last post: Rupert is the Pekingese/Bulldog, and Gable is the Extraordinarily Gorgeous Cat. The Latter has no use whatsoever for the Former. And yet, Gable positively adores Jessie, our big Retriever mix. I don't know if it's a size thing, or that Gable just doesn't appreciate Rupert's, uh, special appeal (he's no Einstein, this one) ---- but he has never had any time for, nor patience with, him. I do believe that is as near to one another as I've ever seen them without hearing Gable's unmistakable guttural growl.

And, to end on a sad note, Hannah's hamster, Chip, died yesterday. She was determined to get him to the Vet, and we took him, just in case, but it was too late. He was pretty old, I think, for a hamster. Very mellow little guy, too. It would be sad enough on its own, but yesterday was also the day my husband died.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger Carrie K said...

Oh, that's so sad, and made worse by the timing.

And to segue gracelessly, my migraines are a bit hormone controlled, and food & dehydration. None of them trigger the migraines all the time though, so it's not much help.

Blogger wouldn't let me say I'd like to play the saxophone.

Favorite comedian? I like Will Durst.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Marji said...

I'm sorry. What a sad day for your family.
Love love love the gardenia.
Instrument, I love the violin, would love to play it, but haven't played it since High School (I was pretty good but that was 30+ yrs ago)
will have to think on the comedian.
hope your head is finally feeling better

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I hope your headaches ease. I get migraines around my period too.

I'm sad to hear about the little hammie, very sad day for it to happen as well. We are in the middle of trying to make a decision about Ashe as well. Not a good time for pets.

I don't really have a favorite comedian. I like so many.

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

So sorry about Chip and the awful headaches. Wishing I could just stop by and give hugs...

Or at the very least a gigantic mug of DP.

I say that next year we just take the first part of June off and vacation somewhere wonderful.

Take it easy.... thinkin' of you.


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