Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Thank you all so much for all the lovely compliments on my gauntlet gloves! (Is "gauntlet glove" redundant?) ANYway, you've all been quite effusive with your praise, and I appreciate it very much. I've said it umpteen times before, and will try not to say it any more after this, but I love to knit these, and love wearing them even more.

This pair was an easy knit, and only took one skein of Simple Stripes from KnitPicks. Less than one, to be truthful; there's probably enough left to fashion a pair of baby booties. The pattern came from KnitPicks, too. The striping pattern is good, the colors are lovely and autumnal, I like the length, plus, there is a thumb "pocket." These are named "Neill," after Sam, because the colorway is called Vineyard, and he is a vintner. (When I crush, I crush deeply and with research.)

Been fighting a brutal headache the last two days --- had to let one class go early yesterday because of the throbbing. Don't know from whence it came; but it's a beaut. A chiropractic adjustment would do wonders, no doubt, but I must get all of Hannah's knee bills taken care of before I dip any deeper into the medical till. Today is a late pick-up day for both the kiddos,though, so I should be able to get a bit of a long nap in when I get home. Maybe that will help.

Been watching a fascinating movie over the last couple of days: "M." 1930s, black-and-white, German with subtitles, Peter Lorre starring. The noir-ness and the Friz Lang direction and the storyline and having to read to keep up --- it's all amping up the experience. I very much want to show it in class, I think. Have any of you seen it? If so, do you think it would fit into a discussion on Deviance? Social control? Anything?

Speaking of school, I have an armload of tests to grade. Why did I schedule both classes for the same day?

That's a big ol' headache clue, huh?


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I didn't know Sam Neill was a vintner! Interesting...

I hope you feel better soon.

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

Ahhh.... now I see why you had a tone in your voice when I told you about AC's Mother! I've got my nerve eh.... thinkin' you would not already know everything about your boyfriends!


At 4:50 PM, Blogger teabird17 said...

Oh, Kim (there there) - ice under your neck, quiet room, shades down, Anonymous 4 ("An English Ladymass") on the cd player -- and Vicodin.
I'm so sorry you feel so awful...

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Carrie K said...

Yikes. Definitely headaching. Sleep, quiet, ice, drugs. I think Melanie covered it.

"M" sounds interesting.

Hope you feel better.

I love your gauntlets. They even match your nail polish.


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