Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The phone works again.

That alone is the only progress in the house. Hannah, after considerable coaxing, brought down the tower for her computer, to see if we could load AOL and get to the Internet through it. We can't. However long "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" is, that's how long I worked to find a modem, connect a modem, have a modem detected, have a dial tone detected --- I, seriously, almost burst into tears at one point. Thankfully, I have time and opportunity to check out things online here at school. The major problem with that being that AOL is excrutiatingly hit-and-miss, so I may or may not get access to mail.

Will be taking the lightning-seared tower to the repair shop this afternoon; will most likely be looking at buying a new unit. As long as the old files were destroyed, and can be transferred to a new machine, that won't be too bad.

You know, as long as we don't want to eat much in May. Or have electricity.

The AC repairman is set to come Thursday morning. Until then, box fans and prayers for rain.

I've scanned a few blogs, to keep up with what everyone is doing. Not being registered on this computer, I'm not leaving comments, but:
Best Wishes to the Fearless One on her new corner of the cybersky;

All Types of Huzzahs to Elaine for a mammoth undertaking which appears to have gone brilliantly;

Much Luck to Call Me Jade with regard to the Giant Spider Invasion;

and thanks to all of you for continuing to knit and share your work and your inspiration. Believe me, they are both much needed about now.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hoo boy! I hope things smooth out for you soon.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Jade said...

Aww thanks ... but it sounds like you need to keep those well wishes for yourself - WOW, what a weekend!


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