Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's Fun to Get Things Done

Yesterday, I tried felting for the first time. Well, for the first time on purpose (there was the wool-sweater-in-a-dryer episode many long years ago. . .) I can't tell you what I made, as it's for a swap, but it was fun, and the finished item is very cute. It carries a good deal of pride, too.

As well, I've finished a set of long fingerless gloves. I'll be trying to show here, and on the Stashalong site, as I'm counting their yardage toward my total there.

I finished my Project Spectrum trays. Got pretty artsy with the paint embellishments.

I've cast on Suss Cousins' ballerina wrap, using fantabulous kettle-dyed purple wool given me long ago by the ever-terrific Rox. Also cast on is a scarf with long ruffles at each end, out of light blue fingering weight. It took me a while to land one these for some reason, but, still, new projects are such great fun.

Briton's Prom went really, really well. His lack of approval of blogging, plus my respect for his privacy, keep me from talking about it. But he and his date were the best looking couple of the gaggle of teens who left from our neighborhood. What's with going in a group? What happened to every couple getting there on their own? Too, it would seem that limousines are passe'; he saw only one.

While he was Promming, Hannah and I spent some quality time at Borders. Have you seen all the new knitting books out now? I bought Wendy Knits!, having bought Stephanie McPhee's Knitting Rules several days ago. I thumbed through Mason-Dixon Knitting; it's really lovely. But it will have to wait. I've sort of a degrees of separation thing going on there: Ann's brother was a high school classmate and friend of mine back in Nashville. He sent heartwarming words when Dale died, and I've been in touch with him a time or two since. I graduated with some really good people. . .


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm glad the prom went well for Briton!

Glad you also had a productive weekend. Now, when are we going to see some felted FO's? :)


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