Sunday, April 30, 2006

Oh, Yarn

Yarn, as a friend and companion, I do love you.
Your feel, your colors, your steadfast loyalty.
You are usually content to go where I send you,
Shaping into the needles' design and
Becoming something beautiful --- carrying the pride
Of the one who chose and molded you.

Ah, but Yarn,
There are vagaries about you.
You sometimes refuse to travel the chosen path
And hop away, or, if I show interest in something else
While working on a project of ours, you will twist
And multiply
And disappear
And make completion impossible
And unpleasant.

You have done this to me, lo, these three days
And I wonder if I dare attend to you today.
Will you continue to mock my efforts, test my commitment
Made so long ago, to treat you well,
Handle you carefully,
And enjoy the process?

Or will you return to your true nature
Be a helpmeet, a partner,
And let me get more than 3 rows into a blasted project
Before ripping you apart?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Not only is our computer back home (though I am posting just before class starts), but when I went through my Blog roll last night, I discovered that my little effort here had bestowed upon it the great honor of "Blog O'The Week" at The Fearless Knitter!

Thank you, Rox!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The phone works again.

That alone is the only progress in the house. Hannah, after considerable coaxing, brought down the tower for her computer, to see if we could load AOL and get to the Internet through it. We can't. However long "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" is, that's how long I worked to find a modem, connect a modem, have a modem detected, have a dial tone detected --- I, seriously, almost burst into tears at one point. Thankfully, I have time and opportunity to check out things online here at school. The major problem with that being that AOL is excrutiatingly hit-and-miss, so I may or may not get access to mail.

Will be taking the lightning-seared tower to the repair shop this afternoon; will most likely be looking at buying a new unit. As long as the old files were destroyed, and can be transferred to a new machine, that won't be too bad.

You know, as long as we don't want to eat much in May. Or have electricity.

The AC repairman is set to come Thursday morning. Until then, box fans and prayers for rain.

I've scanned a few blogs, to keep up with what everyone is doing. Not being registered on this computer, I'm not leaving comments, but:
Best Wishes to the Fearless One on her new corner of the cybersky;

All Types of Huzzahs to Elaine for a mammoth undertaking which appears to have gone brilliantly;

Much Luck to Call Me Jade with regard to the Giant Spider Invasion;

and thanks to all of you for continuing to knit and share your work and your inspiration. Believe me, they are both much needed about now.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm cross-posting to MindFull, because my message is the same in both places. Over the weekend, Chez Dean lost, in order, over the weekend, air conditioning, computer and phone service. Hence my absence, and hence my joy at being in a cool workroom at school with Internet access and phones with dial tones. Don't know when all repairs will be made, but I will be back with news, updates and sighs of relief on their completion.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Thank you all so much for all the lovely compliments on my gauntlet gloves! (Is "gauntlet glove" redundant?) ANYway, you've all been quite effusive with your praise, and I appreciate it very much. I've said it umpteen times before, and will try not to say it any more after this, but I love to knit these, and love wearing them even more.

This pair was an easy knit, and only took one skein of Simple Stripes from KnitPicks. Less than one, to be truthful; there's probably enough left to fashion a pair of baby booties. The pattern came from KnitPicks, too. The striping pattern is good, the colors are lovely and autumnal, I like the length, plus, there is a thumb "pocket." These are named "Neill," after Sam, because the colorway is called Vineyard, and he is a vintner. (When I crush, I crush deeply and with research.)

Been fighting a brutal headache the last two days --- had to let one class go early yesterday because of the throbbing. Don't know from whence it came; but it's a beaut. A chiropractic adjustment would do wonders, no doubt, but I must get all of Hannah's knee bills taken care of before I dip any deeper into the medical till. Today is a late pick-up day for both the kiddos,though, so I should be able to get a bit of a long nap in when I get home. Maybe that will help.

Been watching a fascinating movie over the last couple of days: "M." 1930s, black-and-white, German with subtitles, Peter Lorre starring. The noir-ness and the Friz Lang direction and the storyline and having to read to keep up --- it's all amping up the experience. I very much want to show it in class, I think. Have any of you seen it? If so, do you think it would fit into a discussion on Deviance? Social control? Anything?

Speaking of school, I have an armload of tests to grade. Why did I schedule both classes for the same day?

That's a big ol' headache clue, huh?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Proof is in the Photos

The long fingerless gloves. (Love the colors and the fit!)
The Project Spectrum trays (still lifes with embellishments):

Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's Fun to Get Things Done

Yesterday, I tried felting for the first time. Well, for the first time on purpose (there was the wool-sweater-in-a-dryer episode many long years ago. . .) I can't tell you what I made, as it's for a swap, but it was fun, and the finished item is very cute. It carries a good deal of pride, too.

As well, I've finished a set of long fingerless gloves. I'll be trying to show here, and on the Stashalong site, as I'm counting their yardage toward my total there.

I finished my Project Spectrum trays. Got pretty artsy with the paint embellishments.

I've cast on Suss Cousins' ballerina wrap, using fantabulous kettle-dyed purple wool given me long ago by the ever-terrific Rox. Also cast on is a scarf with long ruffles at each end, out of light blue fingering weight. It took me a while to land one these for some reason, but, still, new projects are such great fun.

Briton's Prom went really, really well. His lack of approval of blogging, plus my respect for his privacy, keep me from talking about it. But he and his date were the best looking couple of the gaggle of teens who left from our neighborhood. What's with going in a group? What happened to every couple getting there on their own? Too, it would seem that limousines are passe'; he saw only one.

While he was Promming, Hannah and I spent some quality time at Borders. Have you seen all the new knitting books out now? I bought Wendy Knits!, having bought Stephanie McPhee's Knitting Rules several days ago. I thumbed through Mason-Dixon Knitting; it's really lovely. But it will have to wait. I've sort of a degrees of separation thing going on there: Ann's brother was a high school classmate and friend of mine back in Nashville. He sent heartwarming words when Dale died, and I've been in touch with him a time or two since. I graduated with some really good people. . .

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Feet!

Yes, another pair of socks-in-the-round complete! I am crazy for how the stripes fell on the left sock's toe. This picture does not capture the gorgeous pinky/purpleness of the yarn, but this is positively my favorite pair of socks so far. Regia yarn has now won a place in my pantheon.

Too bad I'm in Stashalong and can't buy any more. . .! (For a while.)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why So Scattered?

For the past few weeks, my brain has refused to stay in gear. A thought, an idea, a responsibility will flash through, then disappear. No retention. Maddening.

For instance, I have never properly and publicly identified and thanked my Secret Pal from SP7, the very kind Bethanie. (Remember the gardenia plant? That still astounds me, even as I watch it grow beside the deck.) Thank you, Bethanie, for your generosity and what I hope will be a continuing friendship.

And I was fortunate enough to meet and spoil the talented --- and, hence, very busy --- Becky. She claims to have only the attention span of a gnat, but look at all that she's involved in! No gnat could match her!

Oh, and Secret Pal 8 is beginning; go over and involve yourself!

The serving trays which will occupy my Project Spectrum energies this month are painted. A nice, sunny yellow, each of them. When I sat down to find pictures to use on them, I got caught up in looking at all the clippings I've stored away. There's a fairly large cardboard box that holds any and all pictures, quotes and the like that are deemed desirable for future decoupaging. Well, I had forgotten about some of these, and really just enjoyed going through everything. So, I haven't gotten to the point of posting finished products, but I will.

Classes are just about as frustrating. I can't keep a lesson plan in mind, can't keep up with what paperwork needs to be filed, who has or hasn't filled out the proper first-of-the-quarter form. . . Not to mention everything going on at home, with meetings and classes and obligations of all stripes, and , this week, Prom for Briton. My poor little mind is just overwhelmed, overtaxed, overtired, underfunded and uncooperative.

Thankfully, my current knitting is ribbing. Can you imagine trying to churn out lace at this point?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shhh --- I Think Blogger is Still Asleep

'Cause it's allowing pictures through. Quiet, now. . . This is Woodstock, in honor of Project Spectrum's Yellow Month.

And this is the long-ago baby blanket for my student. I think the child is entering middle school next year. . .

And, if I can be really daring, here's THE bolero. Remember when I made this, and reached you all via teletype and Pony Express? (enormous cheer)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Everyone has been so generous with their offers of help; thank you so very, very much. The suggestions to go to a photo-hosting site have been tried. Twice. With VillagePhotos and with Flickr. Both places, the dreaded "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" message was received. Obviously (?) the problem is on this end, if nothing will pull the pictures up.

Any ideas on that?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The State of Things

I am beyond frustrated with Blogger. No picture (of mine) which I try to upload is being accepted. If I see the "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" response one more time, several white hairs may be forcibly removed from my head.

Jennifer, when she sent me my gorgeous buttons, clued me in on how to get them here, through a photohosting site. "A-HA!" I thought to myself. "I'll sneak my knitting pictures in through it!"

See any pictures?

Care to hazard a guess what response popped up on my screen when I tried to upload?

I know little-to-nothing about computers. For the life of me, I can't figure out what is wrong, or how to find out what is wrong, or how to find out how to fix what is wrong. Briton says, "Don't make such a big deal about it. It's just a blog." And he spews that last word out with all the venom and how-can-you-take-anything-like-that-so seriously the word can hold.

But I'm proud of my knitting, and I like to show it off occasionally. I love my little Woodstock bobble-head, and want him to be seen as my mascot for Yellow April. I'd like to show folks what's going on around here, because they show me what's going on with them, and it's just interesting. Despite a 17-year-old's protestations.

Too, I'd like to show you the normal yellow around these parts come April: pollen. Everywhere. In great rivers when it rains. In powdery, clinging form at all other times.

My Project Spectrum project this month will probably not be knitting. I'm itching to get back to my painted trays for some reason, and I believe there's yellow paint about. Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

Maybe you'll get to see it someday.

Monday, April 03, 2006

You Are Not, Repeat, Not Hallucinating

Yeah, the buttons got me in the mood to change the entire blog layout. If you've found me, you know the address is now "" If you haven't found me, I don't know how to let you know the new address. . .

O. . . . . . K. . . . . .

I still have some links to add here. Today's been a little hectic, with the first day of school, Hannah's physical therapy, Briton's Reading for the Blind & Dyslexic, etc. But you'll all be back up shortly. My renovations even extended to MindFull, where I added a couple of links, and moved some of the "old" stuff around.

AND I worked on my Stashalong projects: made a hat and a pair of handwarmers over the weekend. Five skeins down, who knows how many to go!

I failed to mention that the next Project Spectrum colors are yellow and orange. Those of you who know me know which one I'll be using, and which I'll be avoiding like The Plague. I have a photographic hint which Blogger refuses to upload. So, a hint about the hint: a bobble-head figure of Snoopy's best friend.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

There'll Be Some Changes Made

In the process of going from the website feed to this address being I don't suppose this will bring any earth-shattering changes to your worlds, but it seems less cumbersome to me.

Also, the phenomenally generous Jennifer responded to my piteous plea and has come up with three absolutely spot-on remarkable buttons.

Which I cannot figure out how to get from her e-mail to here.

But, she'll come to my aid there, too, no doubt, and I'll have buttons! Do you know how long I've wanted buttons?


a very long time indeed.