Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Various and Sundry

Just a peek into my life. This is the armoire in my bedroom, top covered with an arrangement of eucalyptus and most of my Yoda collection. (Oh, and dust.) The reason I show you this now is that the stand-up to the far left of the picture is my latest acquisition. Hannah and I went shopping Saturday, and I found this --- love it!! Might be my favorite now. Though the big head next to it (which opens to a miniature Dagobah) is awfully cool.

You can see to the right that I have now joined Project Spectrum. The absolutely lovely Francoise explained it all to me, and I jumped in. Funny thing, that. March is the month for red, and I almost never buy red yarn! I don't even look at red yarn that much! I did get a couple of red samples from Yarn of the Month --- maybe I can whip up a Barbie something as this month's project?

Also having difficulty coming up with what to knit for this month's Knit the Classics book. I've got yarn that would be suitable, and a pattern that would make sense, but the two wouldn't work together. Oy.

Rox is more than welcome for her Dr. Pepper can pillow. Hannah picked it out of a bin full of novelty pillows, and Rox came immediately to mind. She is a fellow Dr. Pepper addict, and a remarkable support and source of crack-up-worthy material.

The socks are done. Thanks again to Elaine for the beautiful yarn. One day, dear friend, I promise, I will knit a sock on two circulars. Your book purchase will not have been in vain!


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous francoise said...

It is what I love about Project Spectrum : make you play with all colors (some you don't usually look at or work with)and also, don't forget, you don't have to stick to knitting...

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

I'm guessing that you either didn't see the list of book swap buddy questions posted on the KTC site,or you didn't care to answer such a long list. However, since I received your name, could I ask a few questions? You can either post answers here, or send them to Alison requesting that she forward them to me.
1.Are you more of an Agatha Christie or Janet Evanovich fan? I know you have a sexy man thread, so if it's Janet Evanovich, do you favor Ranger or Joe Morelli?
2.I noticed that one of your favorite books is The Company. Do you prefer whodunits or spy fiction?
3.Do you often read mysteries, and if so, can you name a favorite author?
4.Say something about favorite colors and fiber content.
5.And inevitably, any allergies?Any favorite foods (besides Dr.Pepper, granted that is a drink and not a food).

At 1:55 PM, Blogger KSD said...

Dear Anonymous,

Here's the funny thing: I scarcely ever read mysteries! Your questions are impossible for me to answer, as I've never read a single book by anyone you named. (My vote was for humor, as I knew I was at a terrible disadvantage when it came to mystery!) I prefer true crime to fictional mysteries, psychological portraits most especially. Although I am a hardcore Sherlock Holmes fiend. Does any of this help at all?

Colors: purple stands alone as a favorite, but I really must broaden my palette. So, I will be glad to receive any fiber, any color. Except orange. Please, NO orange. :)

Food? No allergies. White chocolate, sour cream and onion or ranch chips or crackers, anything with caramel.

Feel free to ask more --- you're very kind and committed to go this far.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! No orange? But you're a native Tennessean! I know about orange and Tennessee.

Thanks for your answers; they'll be a great help. And I'm no fan of orange either.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger KSD said...

UT is the very reason I dislike orange so intensely!! Go Vanderbilt!!


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