Friday, March 31, 2006

Time and Ineptitude

The ol' cowboy boots calendar on the wall says it's time to end one adventure and begin a new one. Goodbye to Secret Pal 7. A multitude of thanks to my spoiler, Bethanie for her good taste, good humor and first-class gifts. Her last package (again, absent a photo) included toast-colored cotton yarn, mint tea, a very pretty travel mug (which I am keeping out of Miss H's sight), a cute appliqued hot pad and birch double-pointed needles. I've never had wooden dpns before --- do you think they might change my luck?

Tomorrow, Stashalong starts. I've never kept a record of how much yarn I buy in a month (for sanity/embarassment/budgetary reasons), but just knowing that purchasing more is now verboten makes me very nervous. Still, this will be a good thing. I'm promising to keep a record of how much of what I use, and to provide photographic evidence thereof. (Other blogs will accept my pictures --- go figure.)

Today is my late husband's birthday. Yes, a lot of special dates in March. He would have been 58. Happy Birthday, Dale.

Is there anyone out there who can make a button for my sad little buttonless blog here? There would be compensation. Of some sort. (Usually, the offer is to knit something for someone, but that won't work with this crowd.) If you know how to make a button, and would be willing to take this on, just e-mail me. I really would like a button of my own. Thanks.

Working on the foot of the 2-circs sock. I am crazy in love with this yarn: the colors most of all, but the texture, too. It's Regia, which is new on my needles. I bought some for my KTC swap pal and for my Secret Pal, and decided to just go ahead and dive in for myself. The dog sweater is the in-the-car project at the moment, so it isn't getting a whole lot of play. The Life of Pi wrap is going to take a bit of time: it's something like 120" long in 4 x 4 ribbing. Not the most exciting knitting. The fun there is going to be twisting it just so and seaming it together.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Hannah is keen to get to Lowe's and buy pansies (or something) for the box planters on the deck. This Junior Master Gardener program she's in has really gotten its hooks into her. Now if I could just get her to push a mower. . .


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'll work on a button for you!

At 3:04 PM, Blogger jennhx said...

Oohhhh I love Regia yarn! That's what I made my first pair of socks out of and it was wonderful. I tried to get my hubby interested in some Regia yarn for the pair I'm knitting him, but he just didn't find the right colors. I don't know how that's possible... Anyways, now I'm working with Trekking yarn which is fun too.

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Rox said...

I used to have a program where you could make buttons using funky text and colors - but it died with our old puter. A friend gave me instructions once to make on in MS Paint.... I'll email them to you. Way... wayyy over my head!

What flowers did Hannah pick?? I'm needing flowers for the deck too - must be cat friendly though!

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Purl Needlemeyer said...

I caught a clever comment of yours on another blog -so I came to read. Anybofy who can use the word verbotn is a freind of mine. Keep writing.


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