Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Hear Al Michaels in My Head

It may well be --- probably is --- that I am the only knitter on the planet who cannot knit with double-pointed needles. Not "doesn't like to." A big, fat "can't." Which means that socks, the backbone, it would seem, of the knitblog industry, that I make are knit flat and then seamed. And there's not a thing in the world wrong with that. Except the gnawing that there was something out there I should be able to do but just couldn't.

Well, if you believe in miracles, go read this.

(I can also hear my Daddy saying, "Well, how 'boutchu!?!")

My initial Project Spectrum item came off the needles yesterday. I've got a picture, but Blogger is still being danged persnickety. It's a scarf, which I'm calling "ShRed." Naming my finisheds is such fun for me. This is made of two Moda Dea yarns: TuTu (a solid tomato-y red with occasional pieces of "fringe") and Ticker Tape (a wide, soft prism-like tape). I've enjoyed all the Moda Dea yarns I've worked with; this Ticker Tape has a very nice feel to it. Just wish you could see it. I could be making the whole thing up for all you know. But it truly is done, and it really is red.

First day between quarters went well. Grocery shopping, cleaning out a couple of kitchen cabinets, dusting and sweeping the den, beginning to straighten out the deck. I'm determined to get us a couple of nice chairs for the deck this year. The deck (which Dale and I built) is a split-level, and we have a table and chairs up top, but nothing on the bottom. We've always just grabbed a chair and moved it when we wanted to sit there; I picture some nice all-weather rockers, with a table for drinks, etc.

Can you stand two sexy men in a row? Of course you can. Let's see what Rox has to say about this one!

This is what I have to say about him: EDIBLE.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Marji said...

so, how is it that you are able ot upload pics of sexy men, but not of your knitting? Huh? huh?
actually, I finally got blogger to upload some pics this morning, and went with it while it was on a roll. I was able to upload a button, but not my knitting. grrrr..I've just about had it with blogger. Anyway, I uploaded to flickr, then used the URL function, and still had to upload ONE at a time. if I tried two - no go.
so, go figure. Meanwhile, said red scarf is a figment.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Rox said...

Now Clooney - he's the man. Hot hot hot. This one I understand. :)

And send me your pics if you want, I'll upload them and you can put them on your blog that way. Its easy peasy stuff.

Because you know.... we really neeeed to see the scarf!

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Libby said...

I can't retract my tongue - it's hanging out of my mouth in a most unladylike way.

That man is nine kinds of hawt. Oh great, now I'm drooling on myself.

I'm a mess.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Anderson Cooper I understand. He's both cute and hot. Phil Jackson, not so much. But George Clooney? I doubt that there is a woman alive that doesn't find him to be almost insupportably hot. My best friend LOVES him. She was watching Syriana, and she said even with 40 extra lbs, that bushy beard and the man boobs, she believed that she could SMELL him on the movie screen, he was that sexy.


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