Saturday, March 18, 2006

Great Fun

We had a terrific time in Atlanta. I have awfully good luck getting to the places we want to go there, not wandering around on all the one-ways. Our hotel was wonderful, nestled in along with the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, Phillips Arena and CNN Center.

Thursday night, we found a good deli for dinner, then took a walk. Through the park, over to CNN, where we've been lots of times before. We have some shops over there we like to visit. Well, you might as well call the place ACnn, for all the Anderson Cooper billboards and posters everywhere. I had walked out of the hotel without our digital camera, so you'll have to be patient for photos. Just know I was pleased. (Although, to come completely clean, for all the "ink" he's getting here, and as much as I really do like Anderson, he isn't my Very Sexiest Man. He is yet to come here.)

Back at the hotel, we ordered "Memoirs of a Geisha," and all three of us sat mesmerized for the entire film. Hannah and I both think Ziyi Zhang is just breathtaking, Briton and I are Ken Watanabe fans, and we all fell for the girl who plays the part of the main character as a child. It was a nice way to end the day. The fact that I got a truckload of knitting done during it only added to the pleasure.

Yesterday, the Aquarium. You must visit if you ever have a chance, though be there early, with pre-purchased tickets, if you can. You get to by-pass the mammoth lines. Inside, there is a definite children's-hands-on-museum feel to the huge lobby, but that sort of goes away once you're inside the various halls. Our favorites, by far, were the Japanese Spider Crabs. Beautiful, too, were all the rays. The shrimp were rather comical. And electric eels are just plain fascinating.

In places, the fish are swimming above you, in other places, around you. The centerpiece tank has a whale shark, which swam with half a dozen or so little fish right in front of its mouth. Escorts, if you will. And what keeps him from eating them, I do not know.

Best inside joke for us was the Beluga whale named "Maris." "Maris" is the name of the never-seen-but-scathingly-joked-about wife of David Hyde Pierce's "Niles" on Frasier. When the orator said her name, we had to duck behind a column and just laugh. Of course, we left with a stuffed Beluga.

Stopped at a favorite bookstore on the way home, and now we're sort of back into a normal groove. Everyone goes back to school on Monday, though I am there for Finals, and then I'm done for a couple of weeks.

(Added on March 19th: I've tried again all morning to get the photos up, and I keep getting the freaking "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message. We went to Atlanta, I promise. And I hate something here: Blogger or my computer, I'm not sure which.)


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Marji said...

Kim, it's blogger on the photos not uploading. I can't get pics to load either, or at the least, it is being super selective about loading anything - drives me NUTS!
Do you teach at UGA? We have one in college there - the freshman. (we have 3 in college this year, one in Michigan, one in Indiana, and one at UGA.)

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous katie said...

The trip sounds like fun, even if the photos aren't loading. :)

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Jade said...

Ohhh, please tell me you went to Oxford Books - lie if you have to! I love that store! D and I will be going through Atlanta in July/August and I'm hoping to stop for a day of two to visit my brother, Oxford, Lenox mall, the farmers market .... *sigh*, I do miss Atlanta


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