Friday, February 03, 2006

Oh, Yeah. Knitting.

Reading the answers to the Dinner Guest Question has been so fascinating, I've forsaken reporting on The Craft. But let me say thank you for responding; quite the literati out there! (Of course, a librarian and a Lit professor sort of stack the deck!) A couple of you have mentioned that the invitees might change, depending on the day you were asked. That's permissible. And understandable. I have a core group of 4 or so on my list, and the rest come and go depending on my mood. From a Sociological standpoint (and that's where this whole thing began), that's predictable. I'll be posting my list, and the synthesis of all the others, this weekend. Yes, yes, the waiting will be excrutiating, but hang on . . . ;)

I finished the Muff Shawl. It needs a good blocking before I photograph it. Will say, though, that a test trying-on revealed that I was unable to get it to hang/drape/tie like the picture in Just Scarves. Then again, I'm minus a styling team, aren't I?

Working feverishly to complete a lap afghan so that I can get a shipment off to Warm the World. It is going exponentially faster than it might have, thanks to the gift of an electronic row counter from the incomparable Melanie! Very slick little creation, when one is bound by measurement requirements. Or just when one wishes to wear a wee gadget around the neck that produces a nice "beep" at the end of a row. A sure signal of accomplishment.

Also making a long-sleeved bolero for Self. Out of rainbowy ribbon tape yarn, which is prettier than that description sounds. It's going quickly so far, as boleros are small, and this one is knit upon 11s. I think I'm going to like it alot --- I just hope it fits. That's the thing about ribbon: not a whole lot of give.

I am beginning the process of gutting The whole venture just isn't going anywhere as is. I haven't yet decided precisely how I'll reshape things, but I will. My shop on etsy has been a bust as well. Need some inspiration of the retail type.

Thanks again for your lists! Dream and knit on!!


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous francoise said...

I will be looking forward to seeing who's coming for dinner at your table !...


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