Sunday, February 19, 2006


You've all been very generous with your compliments and support and cyberhugs. Things, after rounds of e-mails and telephone calls and discussions with teachers, counselors and The Children Involved, have become manageably uneven. We'll make it. Thank you.

The knitting has come around, too. I'm seaming together the rainbow bolero, have begun a baby blanket for a pregnant student, and am working through yarn leftovers for my lap afghan.

And, since I used him as a tease, let me 'splain my inclusion of Sam Neill on the Hottest List. (I'm thinking "sexiest" instead of hottest, which is causing an interesting putting-on and leaving-off process.)

Anyway, to Sam. Wonderfully expressive face, not show-offy, intriguingly reserved, and probably the most breath-taking set
of forearms and hands ever.


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

If I had a list, there would only be two men on it...Sean Connery, post 1980, and Nic Cage, any time post-puberty.

However, Sam Neill is right up there too, and if one of the two ever falls off the list, well...



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