Sunday, January 15, 2006

Who Knew?

The blurry green stripe to your left is part of a sample of yarn I received in this month's Yarn of the Month shipment. It's a lovely color, soft and wonderful to work with, and it's made from banana fiber! It's called Banana Silk, and I am crazy for it. Just after knitting those half-dozen or so rows, I am in love with this yarn.

Silks I have worked in the past have been a little stiff, a little scratchy, sort of hard on my hands. If the results weren't so different from any other type of fiber, and the colors so breathtaking, I'd swear off silk forever. Then this comes along, and it's like manna from Heaven. (No puns or rhyming jokes --- none of you!) I've yet to go shopping for it, so I may be frightfully disappointed and unable to buy much. Or any. But it is a terrific yarn, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to try it out.

What it is in is a scarf. My muff shawl is c r a w l i n g, so I thought I'd best get to work on something that showed more timely results. I cast on a lap afghan today, as it's been a while since I sent anything to Warm the World, and I am trying to work through my odds and ends of skeins. (Hence the stripes above.)

I've decided on the items for my first Secret Pal shipment; will most likely wrap and pack everything tomorrow so as to mail it out on Tuesday. I've gotten an e-mail from my Spoiler, and she promises a package soon. Guess we've all been anxious for this round to begin!


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I've heard lovely things about banana silk. I also like that it's "insect friendly."


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