Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Out of . . . Time. . . Sorts. . . Something

For some reason, I am not on board with this new school schedule yet. I'm still lecturing on a 50-minute loop and falling way behind. It's already almost time for a first test, and I haven't assigned any homework. Not that the students mind, I'm sure, but the more grades in the gradebook, the better.

I am still knitting, though at a literally furious pace yesterday. Someone plagiarized one of my MindFull entries, and it just enraged me. Why, I'm not exactly sure, but that, along with the school thing, sent me even more off balance.

How quickly can SP7 begin? I need some shopping therapy!!!!


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

What? Who did that to you? Schmucks. So sorry Chickie.


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