Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Understanding that this is, primarily, a knitting blog, let me give you the rundown on plying my craft during our trip.

Mostly, I worked on Hannah's Weasley, as Briton's sweater, with the color changes, was a bit too much for onboard the plane. I did, once we were at my cousin's, finish it as much as I could. (It turns out I didn't pack the smaller needles for cuffs and collar.) So, many rounds were made on the roll-neck, with plans to really get after the stripes once we got back. Only, we got back, and I cannot find the pattern. Figures, huh? It made it to Georgia --- I saw and used it once we were home --- but I cannot find it anywhere now. Which means a visit to a bookstore today to try and find out how many stitches I pick up around the yoke to knit the bottom of the thing. Otherwise, Master Briton will have a festively striped Christmas midriff.

Of course, the core reason for the NY trip was to see "Spamalot." Featuring the brilliant David Hyde Pierce (adored him for years), the only-slightly-less brilliant Hank Azaria, the intriguing Tim Curry, favorite of Briton's Christopher Sieber, and the fabulous Sara Ramirez. Oh yeah, and to hear immortal Monty Python shtick.

Well, the play was beyond hysterical. And we had wonderful seats (thanks to lots of stars lining up just right for many years, and me getting a particularly remarkable cousin-in-law.) We went backstage after. We saw everyone up close. (Pee Wee Herman was there that night. Fine. Whatever.) And, this happened:

Yes, I realize I look chinny. But I look chinny next to David Hyde Pierce!! And check out Hannah: she had been crying because DHP was the one person we hadn't seen yet. When he arrived, and I pointed her out to him, explaining her tears, he, very sincerely and sweetly, said, "Oh, come here!" Gave her an enormous hug. Could not have been nicer. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I adore him even more.

He was, by the way, wearing a gray striped hat which looked suspiciously handknit to me. Sara Ramirez, who took an unbelievable picture with Briton (but he doesn't want his photo on the Internet), also had a knit hat on. Several of the female ensemble members, too. Is that the distant clicking of needles I hear on Broadway?


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

What a nice guy. Hannah (and you!) look so happy in the photo! Not chinny at all silly! Sounds like you had a blast. :)

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is so awesome! You guys look great.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I saw Spamalot a few months ago, and it was incredible!!! (Hank Azaria wasn't there though :( but I was so happy DHP and Tim Curry were). I can't remember another play that was so much fun or made me laugh so hard. That's so great that you got to go back stage!! And meet the cast!!!! Wow, how did you manage that one?


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