Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Finals are done, grades are posted, but the work continues.

Briton's new sweater is crawling. I've finished the back, and maybe a quarter of the front. Hannah's poor little Weasley has just been sitting alone, looking forlorn. Sort of like Ron on the train in the first movie, when the Trolley Lady comes by, and he pulls out that sad, squished sandwich. . .

Hannah and I are deep down with awful head colds. She has been home from school all week, save for about 2 hours on Tuesday. Gave it a try --- I have to hand it to her --- but simply couldn't stay. And there are final projects and tests this week. She's going to have a mountain of catching up to climb, and quickly, as Friday is the last day of school.

Briton is sailing along just fine, having been cast in yet another play. This is the Spring musical, "Anything Goes." He got the precise part he wanted: Sir Evelyn. It will be his second turn as a Brit (see the "pun"?) with a female name. He's very, very happy.

At least, I think that's what he said. Ears are pretty clogged, you know.


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