Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Potpourri

All the ice is gone now, though it's still rather chilly. Kind of a cloudy morning. Lots of odds and ends to attend to. Gifts are wrapped, but not be-ribboned nor officially tagged. And several thoughts are swimming 'round. . .

As she has officially learned my identity, I am proud to unveil my Secret Pal 6 spoilee. She is Heather! Visit her sometime! She is talented, smart, and has a lot in common with Hannah (aka The Secret Daughter.) In fact, Hannah was invaluable in shopping for gifts. I've grown quite fond of Heather over the past couple of months. Again, if you've never participated in Secret Pal, I highly recommend it. You meet the nicest people behind the veil of anonymity!

Briton's The Stripes now has a full back, front and 3/4 of one sleeve. As there is no more school for anyone, and all Christmas things are done, I should be able to devote most of my time to getting it off the needles. And moving back to The Weasley. Oddly enough, The Weasley is about as far along --- an indication of how much I did on the trip. I've scarcely touched it since we got home.

To bring the mood down, word came last night that John Spencer has died. I have been a "West Wing" junkie since day one, due to my longtime affection for Martin Sheen. He drew me to the show, but, once there, I became a big fan of several other cast members, Spencer atop that list. "Leo" is a great character, and, I learned, Spencer was an equally charming fellow. I am physically sad about this. May his soul rest, and his friends find comfort.


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