Saturday, December 24, 2005

And I'm Not Even An Elf!

I did, though, make all this in the last couple of days. Cream socks and two-piece mittens. I am crazy for the mitten pattern, which came out of a kit from Target. Each mitten has a thumbed wristwarmer underneath; if I've said it once, I've said it a lot --- wristwarmers are my favorite things to knit and my favorite knitted things to wear.

This is my favorite day of the year. The hustle dies quickly, and everything is still and quiet --- anticipation in the air. . . No other day comes close.

We will honor a Christmas tradition tonight by visiting a local church's live Nativity scene, where hot chocolate is provided. Sipping that hot chocolate in those styrofoam cups just instantly makes it Christmas.

I will make grilled cheese sandwiches for anyone who is hungry, we'll bake chocolate chip cookies, then watch "A Wish for Wings That Work" and "A Muppet Christmas Carol," each open one gift, and off to bed.

A glorious, wondrous tomorrow to you all. I will try to post Monday, before we take off for Tennessee.


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

I will miss you - hurry back!


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