Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Unconnected Thoughts

1. I realized today, and too late, that one type of the dollar-a-skein yarn that Target has had would make absolutely perfect panels for the glass inserts that flank our front door. Actually, I realized first that the yarn would be ideal for the screen door project in AlterKnits, and then the train of thought led me to our entryway. Target, or at least our Target, no longer stocks the dollar yarn. Missed opportunity.

2. My students have been listening to me for more than a month and a half now, and I wonder if they've heard anything I've said. This morning, I asked a question about a term they should have mastered long ago, and their faces registered nothing. NOTHING. How many times do I have to say, "If you don't get it, ask"? Do they think I'll be offended? If you don't get it, ASK!

3. I am really, really liking my Secret Pal. I have no clue who she is, though we have established --- well, she came up with it --- a nickname for her which I'm sure I'll use even after learning her name. She seems smart and clever and I am thoroughly enjoying hearing from her. If she never sends me another package, she has bestowed substantial gifts.

4. The projects of other knitters often make me feel inadequate. Folks are tackling intricate laces and cables, they are knitting away happily and without frustration on double-pointeds, and my straight needles are loaded with stockinette stitch shrugs and simple scarves. Am I unambitious? Do I truly lack confidence? Am I more concerned with numbers done than complexity? And the yarns people use: way out of my range, pricewise. I feel sometimes like I'm in the corner of a Master Class, watching magnificent creations unspool while crocheting a granny square afghan out of garish, clearance Red Heart.

5. Neither of my children will fork over a Christmas list. And I know these two --- each of them will want several things only available through mail order. I need to get moving on this stuff, but am getting no cooperation.

6. Boy, besides loving my SP, everything else here is pretty gripey, huh? How about a little more love? Alan Rickman. I just rented Eddie Izzard's "We Know Where You Live, Live!" from Netflix, and there is Rickman, doing shtick! Love him. Stop-what-I'm-knitting-just-to-listen-to-his-voice love him. And the performance was a benefit for Amnesty International. What's not to like?


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Snickle said...

I have a crush on Eddie Izzard...shh - don't tell anyone.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I got my Knit the Classics swap book today! Thank you! I've always wanted to read Born Free.

Also, I bought a bag of that Cosetta stuff. Glad to hear you are having good experience with it.


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