Monday, November 28, 2005

This Was Inevitable

(If you're already shaking your head and thinking, "I told you so," fine. Move on to the next blog you read. . .)

Got the yarns for the sweaters. Getting Briton into Hobby Lobby was no small victory to begin with. But then, he begins looking --- really looking --- at yarn and declaring greens too "pea" and reds too "bright." Finally land on the right combination. Hannah finds a truly lovely red for her Weasley, then can't decide on a gold for the letter. (Does she want an "H"? Of course not. Her crush is on Rupert Grint; only an "R" will do.) We give up on the gold, pay for everything, then realize I've lost my keys. I'll spare you the hunt, but will say that I continue to be amazed that I can lose any set of keys which dangles from a rather large Yoda head keychain!

So, the casting on and the knitting begin. I'm careful to move back and forth between the two, both for fairness' sake and so that they might be finished at roughly the same time. I've been working on both for 2 days. Back and forth. Back and forth. Conscientiously. For 2 days. Back and forth.

Hannah comes into my room last night as I'm finishing up one of Briton's sleeves.

"Why aren't you working on mine?"


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous francoise said...

For an awful moment I thought you were going to say they had changed their mind... I have told my two that they will have to wait their turn. I haven't started yet but the pressure is already on...
Look forward to seeing pictures.


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