Thursday, November 17, 2005


Three days in a row, I've received glorious gifts from online knitters. Beth's you've seen. Stephanie, from Knit the Classics, not only sent the promised book for the swap, but also included pretty beaded row counters, candy and perfectly jaw-dropping (my jaw really dropped) lace-weight yarn. I have tried and tried to get a picture of it, but I can't get one that does it justice. I will continue to try, though --- it deserves to be seen. And ooooohed and aaaahed over. That came yesterday.

Today, the package from my sock exchange buddy, the incomparable Susie, arrived. Take a gander:

What? Fuzzy? But you must understand, I had Happy Feet!! These socks were made with love and patience and they are astonishingly beautiful, putting every sad little pair I've ever managed to shame. Dancing is what they were made for, and dance I did!!!

OK. I'll hold still long enough to let you be jealous:

Aren't they fabulous? All purply/pinky/navy thick, cozy goodness. You are a genius, Susie!

But did she stop there? No she did not. She sent 3 types of white eyelash/fuzz/shimmer yarn that will make a breathtaking scarf. She sent the black cashmerino which she spun, and which I "won" in a contest on her blog. She sent Christmas-scented candles and hot chocolate mix with peppermints. She sent eleven (yes, 11!) skeins of a green and purple yarn called "Fun," with directions to "make yourself something pretty." Now, I ask you, who does that sort of thing for someone they really don't know all that well? Who goes to all the trouble to pick and choose and pack carefully and send off with good thoughts and wishes?

KNITTERS, that's who. And I am proud to know every one of you. And I am blessed and humbled by Susie's overwhelming goodness.


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