Thursday, November 24, 2005

I was going to produce a list of things I am thankful for, going from A to Z, but, so help me, I got stuck on "O." Oatmeal? Octopi? Maybe oceans? Great! Now I think of some. I may come back to it. . .

Hope your day has been pleasant, and peaceful. At my ripe old age, I have decided that peace is the thing. Peace of heart, peace of mind, peace of thought. Not happiness or wealth. Peace. With peace, everything else becomes manageable.

So I finished a scarf today, and began a mitten. Both are to be gifts, so nothing more be said. I'm trying to find a project that will last the duration of the NY trip, and that can be knit on the bamboo or circular needles that I have. (Both are allowed on planes.) With 2 hours in the air both ways, plus I don't know how much time waiting, I need something substantial. The hunt shall go on.


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