Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hannah and I spent some girly time together this afternoon. Briton is off at a Drama competition outside Atlanta, won't be back until late, and the timing was ideal.

We went to Barnes & Noble, where she had a strawberries & creme frappacino and an asiago pretzel, and I had caramel apple cider and cheesecake. We looked through picture books of puppies and kittens, squeeing and giggling to our hearts' content. She read a manga and I read the ESPN magazine article on Phil Jackson. We bought a book of knitted dog sweater patterns that came with needles topped with these cute little puppy figures. Hannah is an excellent,if sporadic, knitter.

We both added books and calendars to our Holiday Lists. I've been intrigued by AlterKnits since I first saw it --- I think I'll ask for it for Christmas. And I saw a new book today: Mother of Purl, by the owner of a Hollywood knit shop, with stories of famous knitters (fine; whatever. . . Except for Kellie Martin. Big Kellie Martin fan ever since "Life Goes On") and some nice patterns. That will most likely go on a list, too.

(To Secret Pal, if you are reading this, NOT a list for you! A list for my mother and my children --- understood?)

We had a terrific time. Girls rule.


At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

OK. So. I feel that I should just say that I too LOVED "life goes on". I met Chad Lowe you know. Yeah. It was not a good thing - but... still... to say I met him. ;) Loved the show, thought it to be unique and ahead of its time.

Yet another thing we have in common. Someday, we will meet. We will knit, drink dr pepper and watch DVD's of the show. It will be a good day. :)

At 5:19 AM, Blogger spaazlicious said...

I was looking at Alterknits the other night at a major chain bookstore too, and so intrigued. I do love some of the ideas, but I hate the photography --pretty, but I need to see the knit garment. all of it. front and back. in focus. please? I mean, two pics of the knitted crown, both of the same angle (3/4 although reversed), no back? I thought the knit screen door was funny, very blogworthy (and still, a cool idea if one has access to a knitting machine).
And I'm a sucker for the colors they used, and a sucker for "free" inserts ;)


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