Saturday, November 19, 2005

From Where I Sit

Knit, read, grade, write, watch TV --- my bed is my station. I prop up against the headboard, with all my "necessities" around me (Rox, the DP is on the handy nightstand to my left), and there spend virtually every minute of my free time. My constant companion, always at my feet, is our grand older dog, Jessie. She loves her rawhide! When I look up from whatever I'm doing, this is what I see. Or some variation thereon. The stuffed lion is one of dozens, most of which are in baskets all around the room. I particularly like the look of this one, though, and gave him a special place. He's perched atop a couple of knitting books, which are perched atop a chest which holds more books. And if you peer over his head, you'll see even more books stacked on an old phongraph.

But look at our sweet Jess. She is a good dog, plain and simple. Loyal, protective, gentle (unless you draw too near to her rawhide) ---every single thing a dog should be. She is unusually attached to me, as in no one else can take her outside. She is always, always within my arm's reach. We love her madly.

The weekend plan is knitting. I've got Bethieee's scarf-collar on the needles. I'm making some scrap crazy socks for Hannah and some Christmas wrist warmers (that recipient I cannot yet name.) We all want to go see "Goblet of Fire," but tickets have sold out until at least tomorrow. More time for knitting!


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Rox said...

Jessie is so very cute. I have a friend who has a dog (named Tiffany) that could be her twin. Identical. Betting that just like my friend.... Jessie is your best friend too.

Looking for the dp.... hehe


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