Friday, November 11, 2005

Everyone Should Be So Lucky

Look at what my glorious Secret Pal has sent me! I make a mention that I think I might be able to finally knit seamless socks using Cat Bordhi's 2 circulars method? Boom! The book shows up. With --- that's right; you all see it --- purple sock yarn!! Anyone who sends you purple yarn is a friend indeed. Cleave on to that person!! She may also send you pencils which say, "Knit for life," "Yarn is love" and "The Surgeon General has determined that knitting may be habit-forming."

As I am posting while waiting for the children to dress and come down for school, I haven't time for much else. But the following deserves an upload:

This is Rupert. He was a great help in the unwrapping process.


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