Monday, November 14, 2005

Cosetta Shrug Finished

(Photograph by Hannah.)

I'm very happy with the stripe effect on the back. And I'm thrilled with the sleeves, which, admittedly, are a little blurry here. They're belled, and I made them quite long. (My sleeves and my pant legs must be long.) The garment is just as soft to wear as the yarn was to knit with. As soon as I came into the den wearing it, Hannah said, "Oooooh, I want it."

(An added benefit of long sleeves is that your daughter will be unable to wear your clothes. . .)

I also finished a scarf this weekend, but no photo. And, it being a weekend, there were mittens on the needles. Finished one, just got through with the ribbing on the other.

Over the weekend, I got a lovely e-mail from Rachael, at Yarn-a-Go-Go. I'm sure that all of us have favorite blog-writers, and she is one of mine. Sort of a star, knitblog-wise. Anyway, all my dreams last week involved her in some way, which I found sort of oddly humorous, and I wrote to tell her about them. She was very sweet to reply.

Every morning, after taking out the dogs, showering and putting on what little make-up I wear, I sit down to read all my bookmarked blogs while waiting for everyone else to get ready. There are about 30 to go through, and they all help me start each day entertained, amused and inspired. Thank you all. Most of you are listed to the right. Some of you I have written, and some of you have written back. You are all wonderful company.


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Ohhhh... I want it!!




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