Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A while back, Rox (The Fearless Knitter) had a sock exchange, and I was chosen to knit socks for Bethieee (On My Needles). I made some aqua, ruffled-cuff anklets, sent them off, and they were too small. Curse my seams! I was mortified, but Beth was lovely about it. She very politely asked if she could make sock puppets out of them, which was splendid with me. I asked her if I could knit her something else to take their place.

Yesterday, look what came for me! Yarn and yarn and notecards and a photo album and a candle and gardenia soap and, can you see him --- a lion finger puppet!! I LOVE the lion finger puppet!!! All for me! Out of nowhere. And what did Bethieee include for herself?

A simple three skeins of alpaca for me to make her the Sally Melville collar-as-scarf-scarf-as-collar. How wonderful is she?

Much love and thanks, Bethieee!

Knitters are superbly generous people.

(Speaking of which, can anyone tell me why all my right margin material took a dive to the bottom of the page?)


At 1:29 AM, Blogger bethieee said...

Your margin material seems to have returned from its vacation at the bottom of the page. So I have no data. Did you offer it a treat to climb back up?

Glad you liked the package! All the packages you've been getting lately... lucky YOU!!!

Hope you're enjoying it...

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Rox said...

Ohhh... ahhhh... soooo much fun in one box!

The margin thing - I'm told that if your pictures in your post are too big it will cause the sidebar to fall to the bottom.


Ok. Going to look at the other goodies!


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