Thursday, October 06, 2005


Here's something I've been unable to envision myself capable of typing:

I think I can learn how to knit socks in the round!

Now, before you wear out your hands with the applause, understand, that statement began with the wiggle-room phrase "I think."

A couple of weeks ago, I checked Cat Bordhi's book on knitting socks on two circular needles out of our library. I set to work trying to follow her instructions, and, though things did get a little pretzely, I think I'm going to be able to pull it off. The only problem was, I had to return the book before I was able to do anything more than a few practice rounds, and none of our bookstores have a copy. Something for the Christmas list, certainly, but, hopefully, I can get it from the library again and actually get some work done.

This is such a monumental thing for me. I seam everything. Well, almost everything. I have a physical ineptitude with DPNs which has metamorphosed into a mental block. I can, and sometimes do, knit on circulars, but I much prefer straights. This opens up new possibilities and I am very excited --- very excited --- about possibly being able to accomplish this.

Also, I have been making stitch markers. There seems to be a great tidal wave of stitch marker making rolling through KnittingBlogLand, and I have jump rings and beads from Hannah's and my bracelet-and-earring-making period, so I gave it a whirl. Mine are pretty generic, not super-special like the ones I ordered for my Secret Pal (, but it's kind of fun to make them.

Oh, and have you seen the new book "Holiday Knits"? Awesome stuff in it --- I looked a copy over at Borders this afternoon. There were actually a couple of new knitting books out, which is always fun. I just wish some new knitting magazines would be released. It seems like the same ones have been on the stands for an awfully long time.


At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Your SP said...

Hhhmmmmm...veddy inderesting. {quietly picking up car keys and plotting a yarn crawl}


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