Wednesday, October 05, 2005

R.I.P.: the Vittadini

Last night, while trying to work on the near-completed back of the Vittadini cardigan, I realized I had screwed up a row. So, I pulled out the needle and pulled out the offending line of stitches. Then, Something came over me. Something which rasped into my ear, "Go ahead. It's OK. Keep pulling. Go back to the beginning. Before the beginning. You aren't interested in this anymore. Move on. . . "

So, I began re-balling all that lovely chocolate brown tweed yarn, and the Vittadini is no more. These moods overtake me once in a while --- unwinding a project for no clear reason. Have I become to accustomed to the quick knits? The hats, the scarves, the socks? Do I not have the endurance for a sweater? What an awful thought.

Having ripped up and out the turtleneck, and, now, this, I am knitting only one thing. A single solitary mitten, to complete a pair. That's it. Which means I must plumb the depths of my pattern books to find something --- actually --- two more things to knit.

Dare I choose another sweater?


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