Monday, October 10, 2005

The Phone Lines are Closed

Please, stop calling; all our hand eye operators are overwhelmed! We realized very quickly that the name of the new book is actually "Handknit Holidays." Sorr - ree!

Children were off today; when I got home from classes, we went to lunch, to the yarn store (big hit with Briton. . .) and to Blockbuster. Hannah and I are currently watching one of our rentals: an "Invader Zim" disc, while Briton is at rehearsal. How much cuter could Gir be?

Whatever became of "Angry Beavers," also starring The Voice of Zim? And my all-time favorite cartoon show, "Aaaaaah! Real Monsters!"?

(Of course, the single greatest episode of a TV cartoon ever is the episode of "Johnny Bravo" where Donny Osmond is Johnny's nanny.)

(And did you know that Donny Osmond is a grandfather?!? How old does that make some of us feel?)


The search for projects ended with the decisions to make socks (on straights) and a cabled hat. I'm also working on another blanket for Warm the World, trying to lessen the bulge in my odds-and-ends garbage bag. The gift I made my Secret Pal went extraordinarily quickly, and turned out beautifully --- I'll make one for myself one day. I bought her a couple of things at the yarn shop today; this whole program is so much fun. I have a second package ready to send her way; will probably ship it out toward the end of this week. I continue to get terrific messages from my Spoiler; she has a wonderful comic touch, and I'm always glad to hear from her. Whoever she is! Must come up with appropriately wonderful thank you present for her when all this is done.


At 12:04 AM, Anonymous katie said...

Donny Osmond is a grandfather? No way. I took a very quick peek at that Handknit Holidays book and I thought it looked like fun, too.


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