Sunday, October 02, 2005

Found out from her blog that my Secret Pal received, and liked, the first little goodies I sent her. These weren't the ones with the Customs declaration on their front; I'll be watching eagerly for her reaction to them. Also, to see if she says anything about my Here's-My-Name! blunder.

Reading her thanks made me even more eager to do things for her. It's fun, thinking about another knitter out there, wondering what she's like day to day, cooking up ways to surprise her. . . We used to have Secret Pals in my dorm in college, and I loved the idea of random/anonymous giving then, and I love it now.

Thanks to having serious car trouble (spelled out on mindfull) Thursday, and spending 3+ hours at the dealership Friday, I did finish my KTC apron on time. Blocked it yesterday and will wrap it soon --- one Christmas present done! I can't imagine that I would have sat still long enough to finish a seed stitch waist tie otherwise.

So, I was cleared to begin a new project, and it is, not surprisingly, for my Secret Pal. That's all I'll say, but I got a very good start on it yesterday while watching football. I'm still knitting mittens, of course, and the Vittadini cardigan, but I abandoned the turtleneck shell I was doing. I was making it out of boucle, which I actually love quite a bit, but this particular yarn was sort of hard to keep track of, and I realized as I was nearing the end of the armholes that I had "switched sides" midway --- I had started purling the knit side and knitting the purl side. So, I unraveled it, took the completed back and the pattern, and stored them away for sometime down the road. When the memory of mistake has faded.


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