Saturday, September 03, 2005

Today I will cast on the new "Knit the Classics" project: an apron, in conjunction with reading "The Remains of the Day." I am also very excited about a sock exchange my friend Rox ("Fearless Knitter" to your right) is heading up. I got the name of my sock partner just now, and am anxious to sit down and contemplate exactly what to do for her.

I have tried not to watch very much Katrina coverage of late. It was beginning to have an oppressive impact on me. How anyone having to endure it daily is managing boggles my mind. Thankfully, Thursday, Briton and I were able to accompany Hannah on her band's field trip to see a production of "The Phantom of the Opera" in Atlanta. That kept me out of the news loop all day. It was an excellent production; Briton and I have decided that The Chandelier may be our favorite character.

Truly, it was amazing to see Briton's reaction to the whole thing. He desperately wants to be a stage actor, and being able to give him the chance to see his dream live and in person. . . Well, that's why we're trying to get to "Spamalot" later this year. (That and the fact that we're all three Python/David Hyde Pierce/Hank Azaria/Tim Curry fans.)

Anyway, Briton was almost in tears at show's end. His heart and soul are in the theater, and he was so awed and moved by what he had seen. Hannah caught sight of one of the principal dancers on our way out and managed to snag an autograph, which made her just as happy. I worked on the circular scarf from the first Little Box of Scarves on the 2-hour bus ride up and the 2-hour bus ride back, and had only 4 rows to go plus casting off to finish. So we all had an enjoyable day.

I'm going to take up a tag from Rox, which looks like fun, but I have to do some Googling. I'll be back with it later.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

An apron? Ohh... ahhh. Must post pics! Don't think I've ever seen one knit.

Can't wait to see your Google meme!

I too have been avoiding watching the Katrina coverage. But then I feel bad about not watching. If that makes sense. Kind of like I feel bad if its not in the forefront of my mind. Feeling like my hands are tied - and other than donating cash I just don't know what I can do to help.


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