Thursday, September 08, 2005

Secret Pal Questions

Most of the new exchange/swap programs are now underway, and, thankfully, I am part of three! I've been in touch with both the knitter and knitee of my socks in Roxanne's Sock Exchange Thingy, I've just received information on my Scarf Me! recepient, and now comes the call for Secret Pal 6 folks to answer the following:

1. Am I a yarn snob? Not at all. Can't afford to be!

2. Do I spin or crochet? No to the first, only very simple borders to the second.

3. Any allergies? No.

4. How long have I been knitting? About 17 or 18 years.

5. Do I have an online wish list? No, sorry.

6.. Favorite scent? Gardenias. For candles, I also like things like rain, or sea breeze, gentle-outdoorsy-type things.

7. Do I have a sweet tooth? Uh, yeah! Caramel, toffee, butterscotch, And, being a native Southerner, Krispy Kremes!

8. What other crafts do I do? I like to paint and decoupage wooden serving trays.

9. My favorite music? I listen to lots of types; my artists would be easier: Emmylou Harris, Bee Gees, Delbert McClinton,
Bessie Smith, Ian Matthews, Van Morrison, George Strait, Maria McKee, I-Know-I'm-Blanking-On
-Obvious-Ones. . .

10. Favorite color(s)? Purple, in all its glories. Blues, Grays. I like tweed yarns. Not a huge fan of red, but I can abide it, unlike
orange, which I loathe.

11. My family situation, including pets? I'm a widowed mother of two: 16-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. We have
two dogs, three cats and a hamster. (A list the cats wouldn't mind shortening by the
last member ;) )

12. My life dreams? After going through my husband's, and then my Daddy's cancer, all I want is peace of mind and soul.

13. My favorite yarns to knit with? I'm drawing a blank. I haven't had an experience with anything that has made me say,
"Never again."

14. Any fiber I just hate? Not that I can think of. (See answer above.)

15. What is my current knitting obsession? My continuing obsession is finding creative ways to use leftover yarns. Not by
any means a pat rack, I cannot stand to throw yarn away. I love Grab Bags, and
piecing together stripes or borders or appliques or embellishments. . . See?
There I go!

16. My favorite thing to knit? Like most people, I get fevers for one type of thing. But nothing stands out as the Absolute
Best. It depends on the pattern: some scarves are a pain, some jackets are fascinating.

17. What am I knitting right now? I always have three projects going. Always. Right now, they are a pair of socks (see Intro),
a scarf (see Intro again) and a turtleneck shell.

18. What do I think about ponchos? They're terrific!

19. Straight or circular needles? Straight.

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic? Anything but plastic.

21. Am I a sock knitter? Only since I found the straight-needle patterns. I simply cannot do DPNs.

22. How did I learn to knit? I asked my mother to teach me. She had tried when I was very young, and I thought it was the
uncoolest thing ever. Oh, the years I missed!!!!!

23. My oldest UFO? I'm pretty good about finishing things. If I get bummed out, I just unravel them to re-use the yarn.

24. My favorite animal? Lion. (One reason I don't disavow Lion Brand Yarn! Really.)

25. Favorite holiday? Christmas. Hanukkah.

26. Is there anything I collect? Lots. Let's see: lions, lion and lamb figures, lion and lamb Christmas cards, Yodas, Fozzie Bears,
cowboy boots.

27. Any knitting magazine subscriptions? Not any more. I so love going to bookstores, I dropped them all so I could make
trips to buy them.

28. Any books I'm dying for? I'll have to get back to you on this. Do you mean knitting, or in general?

29. Any patterns I covet, but haven't bought? Oh, I'm positive there are. Can I get back to you on this, too?


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