Thursday, September 15, 2005

It Begins. It Ends.

Well, folks, I have just received my first e-mail from my Secret Pal! (The one sending things to me. Still no word on whom I will spoil.) Very exciting. The Questionnaire has been read, and ideas are already percolating, according to the message. I've wanted to be a part of one of these for quite a while, so I am truly psyched to get this thing underway.

Meanwhile, I mailed off my Sock Exchange Thingy Socks this afternoon. If the recepient truly doesn't like them, I beg her to send them back and let me try again. Really. Most people, I think, would be polite and say they were "fine," but I honestly want to be told if the color is awful, or they don't fit. It would be sadder to have made someone unhappy than to do more knitting.

My Scarf Me! project is moving ahead, albeit slowly. My Knit the Classics project was at a dead standstill until today --- I've been working on it mostly. It's the apron from a back issue of Knitty, and the knitting is easy; don't know why it's been languishing in my bag. I've been reading the book, just not working on the knit side of the deal.

Briton got cast in the first school play of the year. It's called "A Piece of My Heart," and is written so that one actor plays 5 or 6 different parts. He's the one actor --- how great is that? He is very excited, and anxious to dive into lots of characters. From what I gather, it's a female-character-centered piece about Vietnam --- I think 7 girls were cast. Rehearsals begin Monday. He'll have the guys' dressing room all to himself!

Must think of something to put on my other blog; it's been lying blank for several days. But my life has been knitting-heavy of late, so that's to be expected.


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