Saturday, September 24, 2005

How Much More Can There Be?

What else can happen along the Gulf coast? How much can we expect those people to withstand before they crack? It's almost beyond comprehension, beyond explanation. We cannot stop helping.

I've been working on my Knit the Classics apron last night and today. I'll get it done in time. Our next book is Moliere's "Tartuffe." I'll probably make a lacy mantilla --- the play's religious overtones, secreting of identities and such.

I've sent something to my Secret Pal, but have no indication that it's been received. Same for my Scarf Me! person. The one with my name in SP6 mailed something to me, I believe, but it's not here, either. Strange doings with the mail.

And then I turn on the TV and see the images, and I wonder why in the world I'm whining over such things. . .


At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm popping out from lurker mode! I tracked your package and it is due to be delivered on Tuesday. FedEx ground doesn't deliver to homes on Mondays. I was really hoping you would get it today! Your SP


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