Monday, September 12, 2005

Change of Purpose

When hand eye crafts began, it was to be an online "store," where I sold my handknits. The blog was a lovely, fun afterthought. But horrendous problems loading photos have kept me from having the site that I want, so I'm gutting it. (Actually, I'm asking Heather, who set it up, to gut it.)

I am going to provide text-only descriptions of things I have for sale. Now, if I were to visit a selling site without pictures, I'd probably move right on by, and folks may do that here. But this is all I know to do now. There are things of mine for sale on, and I have managed to get photos up there without a single problem. Here, though, there appears to be a cursed cloud hanging over my efforts. But I will be more than happy to provide photos via e-mail (if I can make that work) to anyone who might be interested in buying something from me.

Not that I ever thought knitting income would replace my teaching income, but I thought I'd be able to make a little "running money" (as my husband used to call it.) Not too much luck toward that end, in all honesty, and, on bad days, I wonder why I ever began this enterprise at all.


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