Wednesday, September 21, 2005

As For My Speed. . .

I've gotten some very flattering comments on how fast I'm getting my knitalong projects done. First of all, thank you very much (Rox and Kathleen, especially!) Secondly, don't forget that I'm not working right now, so I have lots of time to get things like this accomplished. Come next Tuesday, when Fall Quarter starts, don't expect me to be so productive.

In fact, I'm lagging considerably behind on my Knit the Classics apron. Don't know why I'm not making good progress on it; I put a few rows on each day. Once I finish the decreases, the bib should fly, but it's taking me an awfully long time to get to the take-off point.

Been inching my way through the blogs of all the SP6 participants; I'm in the Ns. It's fun to see how many people, how many different types of people, are involved. And everybody seems genuinely excited about it. I know I am. I've sent my first little parcel off to my Spoilee, and I do believe I'm due one from my Spoiler fairly soon. She (I'm assuming it's "she") has sent me friendly e-mails, and seems like a good person to be spoiled by. Whoa! Only child alert! I should say that she seems like a good person. End of sentence. Complete thought. Without adding myself.

Finished a pair of mittens last night; I've sort of knit myself into a corner with the people who work at our Vet's office. The year before last, I gave them all knit hats. Last year, scarves. So what else was left? I think I've got half a dozen or so finished --- haven't counted in a while. I'll need at least 25 to make sure everyone gets a pair. Thank goodness the patterns I have are really quick. Like a-pair-in-a-football-afternoon quick.


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