Saturday, August 20, 2005


So I spent lots of time last night taking pictures of two dozen or so hats, to be uploaded either here or on etsy. Only every time I've tried to upload said photos today, I've been booted off the Internet. Tres frustrating. I can't even share a picture of the lovely, lovely pale blue mohair I just received from loop. Trust me, it's beautiful. And deserving of a great little wrap, or a long, drapey, swooping scarf. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday, I suddenly found myself with two finished projects. The moebius I was knitting (on the size 35s), was, I realized, going to be awfully near the ideal size for a Warm the World blanket. I had enough yarn, so I decided to go ahead and make it just that. It's out of Paton's Bohemian, which is chenille, and soft and cushy and warm, and seems perfect for an unfortunate child to snuggle up in. I'll send it off at the beginning of next week.

The second completion was an earflap hat, a pattern I was afraid I had lost. It's gray tweed with gradated gray-to-red stripes, and is great fun to knit. I made one several months ago, in green and purple and blue, and Hannah confiscated it. I am into my stash now, so stripes are favored.

All this means that I have new projects to choose!! I think I'll stay with the hat groove and make a beret, solid ribbing and variegated top (hey, I said I'm into the stash!) The second one remains to be seen. I'll probably have something picked out by tomorrow.


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