Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When Knitting Isn't Enough

Somehow, right now, writing about knitting seems unseemly. But I am doing a lot of knitting while watching Katrina coverage, I'm knitting while waiting to give blood --- lots of stitches are moving back and forth. Tomorrow I cast on the new Knit the Classics project: an apron. (We're reading The Remains of the Day, and it seemed appropriate. Plus, I had been planning on making one for my mother for Christmas.)

I've got one eye on what's happening post-Katrina that is sociological. Examining what is going on as people begin to chafe under the pressures, seeing what the massive bureaucracy does or doesn't do, trying to "predict" what is down the road for behaviors and psyches and institutions.

I've got the other eye on it as a non-academic, and I am very sad and very sorry.


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