Saturday, August 13, 2005

Too Many Does Exist

This is a single fig, ripe, hanging from the tree in our backyard. Pretty, huh? Note the date. At this time, the entire tree (and it's a big one) is full of ripe figs. The only problem with that is, none of us eat figs. Or even like them that much. Which means that the ripe figs (and there are a lot) of them simply fall off the tree when their juicy weight makes it impossible for the branches to hold them anymore.

Again, not a problem, save that our deck butts right up against said fig tree. In fact, when my husband and I were looking for a plan for the deck (we built it ourselves), we had to find one that would fit beside/around the fig tree. As big as this tree is, loads of the figs fall onto the deck. Which makes for a squishy, smelly, bee-and-wasp-laden mess every year. Now, the bees and birds and squirrels are our great friends about this time annually. But it's hard to enjoy the deck over the odor and through the treacherous footing.

Inside, the knitting continues. I finished a scarf last night (after frogging it 4 times), so will scour patterns and stash today for something new. Meanwhile, my poor little Knit the Classics wrap waits patiently. Every now and then, I'll add a couple more puny rows. But it will be done one day. I promise.


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

This would be the first time I've ever heard of someone with a fig problem! lol!

Too bad nobody in the family enjoys them - you should put the word out next year to the neighbors and such, maybe you'd get lots of people wanting to de'fig the tree!


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