Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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Purls of Hope,
here are Five Things I Miss from Childhood:

1. Playing outside --- barefoot, and always with somebody from next door or across the street. We'd play kickball, or Barbies,
or sit and read, or play School or Red Rover. . . One of us would think of something we needed, and speed off to our house,
fly through the kitchen screen door, pick it up and dash back outside; there was no time to lose! And in the summer, when
you could stay out until the streetlights came on? Nothing better.

2. Pudding in a cup --- don't know why this came to mind, but Mama had these smallish, roundish tan cups that hung on
hooks in one of our cabinets, and when she would make pudding, she'd put it in them. They would be so cold from being
in the refrigerator, and they snuggled right into your palm. Ummmmm, butterscotch . . .

3. Snoopy --- a stuffed animal Daddy bought for me. Not even a "real" Snoopy --- this one had red ears, for crying out loud.
But I couldn't sleep without it. It got lost once, and sheer panic set in. We found it eventually, and I still have it. It's very
worn, and pretty flat, but you couldn't get it from me for a king's ransom.

4. Mama changing the sheets over me --- the fitted sheet would go on, then I'd lay down, and she'd fluff the flat sheet over me
time and time again. It felt cool and breezy and smelled crisp and fresh.

5. The sound of Daddy coming home --- again, coming in through the kitchen door, then emptying his pockets on the TV
table. The sound of loose change, and a buckeye, and a tube of Blistex hitting wood; that's a good memory.


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous rox said...

Pudding in a cup? Too funny! Loved your questionnaire Chickie. Thanks so much :)


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