Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More of this day than seems right has been spent trying to upload photos to this website. For reasons beyond your correspondent, this computer is incapable of uploading my picture files. Said files must, therefore, be sent to Heather, who places the photos on the site. Then I, theoretically, put them on their appropriate pages, describe and price the items,and the world, commercially-speaking, continues to go 'round.

Only the pictures don't show up.

Descriptions, yes. Prices, yes. For a couple of the photos, a very top edge. But not full pictures. What is the problem? Is it me? Is it my machine? Are the Retail Fates lined up against me? I'm very tired of waging this same battle.

As, I am sure, you are tired of reading about it.

The Third Project is still proving elusive. Not to fear, though --- a dear old friend, and one of Hannah's all-time favorite teachers, has a couple of pieces she wants me to attempt to finish. We're meeting her tomorrow afternoon to have a look. I've never picked up someone else's work and tried to complete it; this might be very interesting.

The Knit the Classics wrap is going very slowly, even as I work to finish the book. I really should be working on it a lot more, but the pattern requires such attention that other things are just easier. It will be gorgeous, though, once I get it done.

The wrap, I mean. I had nothing to do with the book.


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