Monday, August 15, 2005

From Pitiful to Hopeful

I'm spending a lot of today posting items for sale on I found this site quite by accident, while reading another blog, and it seems just the thing I might need to get this cottage industry thing kickstarted. Of course, this will always be my anchor site.

I will try not to cross-list items between the two, though it's bound to happen occasionally. There are 3 or 4 things up right now; I'm having much better luck uploading my own photos there than here. And while I've been at work, I've had "An Awfully Big Adventure" playing on the DVD. I skip several scenes, cutting right to Rickman, who is wonderful to look at and listen to in this film. His character finds himself in an appalling situation, but Rickman is a feast. A feast.

So, I'm less wobbly-chinned today. But I'd still like to join a Secret Pal group, or something like it. K?


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