Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When Knitting Isn't Enough

Somehow, right now, writing about knitting seems unseemly. But I am doing a lot of knitting while watching Katrina coverage, I'm knitting while waiting to give blood --- lots of stitches are moving back and forth. Tomorrow I cast on the new Knit the Classics project: an apron. (We're reading The Remains of the Day, and it seemed appropriate. Plus, I had been planning on making one for my mother for Christmas.)

I've got one eye on what's happening post-Katrina that is sociological. Examining what is going on as people begin to chafe under the pressures, seeing what the massive bureaucracy does or doesn't do, trying to "predict" what is down the road for behaviors and psyches and institutions.

I've got the other eye on it as a non-academic, and I am very sad and very sorry.

Monday, August 29, 2005

All You Can Do is Watch

Katrina absorbs all my energy and attention this morning; some times, 24-hour-news-channels are worthwhile.

In 1969, I was 9 years old, but I vividly remember the fear that Hurricane Camille produced in me. In fact, in all these subsequent years, the name "Camille" is in my bones as the Scariest of the Scary. Any hurricane I ever hear about, if it is compared to her, I know will be bad. For some reason, Andrew doesn't stick in my mind with the same terror. But this is being covered as equal to Camille, so deep memories and dreads are running through me.

And my mama outside Nashville may be getting some of the leftovers by tomorrow.

Funny that, as I was watching people filing into the Superdome for shelter, I was wondering whether knitting needles would be allowed in. I don't think they would have been. I would have been afraid and bored.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Calling It a Day

Last night, I decided that today would be Wives and Daughters day. Meaning that I would finish the book and work on the wrap I've been knitting for the Knit the Classics readalong. Well, I got several rows done this morning while watching "Regis & Kelly," many more this afternoon while watching "Celebrity Poker Showdown." In between, I read to within one chapter of book's end.

Then the mail came.

With the new KnitPicks catalog.

I was a goner.

Sister knitters would likely agree that, next to looking at real yarn in an actual yarn shop, nothing beats looking at pictures of yarn in a catalog. And KnitPicks is fabulous. Patternworks is at the top of my list, too. Both of them can make any day whenever they arrive. And this KnitPicks catalog has a predominantly purple cover, which gives it extra Brownie points from me!

So I've pored over the pages, imagining what I could do with which yarns, what colors I like. . . You know the drill. Then I remembered the iron band I'm trying to keep around my checkbook, and the titanium one straining to keep my debit card in my billfold.

Back to Plan A. I finished the book. I will continue to work on the wrap for a few more days, as I like a long shawl. I did what I set out to do. And got an added treat.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


So I spent lots of time last night taking pictures of two dozen or so hats, to be uploaded either here or on etsy. Only every time I've tried to upload said photos today, I've been booted off the Internet. Tres frustrating. I can't even share a picture of the lovely, lovely pale blue mohair I just received from loop. Trust me, it's beautiful. And deserving of a great little wrap, or a long, drapey, swooping scarf. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday, I suddenly found myself with two finished projects. The moebius I was knitting (on the size 35s), was, I realized, going to be awfully near the ideal size for a Warm the World blanket. I had enough yarn, so I decided to go ahead and make it just that. It's out of Paton's Bohemian, which is chenille, and soft and cushy and warm, and seems perfect for an unfortunate child to snuggle up in. I'll send it off at the beginning of next week.

The second completion was an earflap hat, a pattern I was afraid I had lost. It's gray tweed with gradated gray-to-red stripes, and is great fun to knit. I made one several months ago, in green and purple and blue, and Hannah confiscated it. I am into my stash now, so stripes are favored.

All this means that I have new projects to choose!! I think I'll stay with the hat groove and make a beret, solid ribbing and variegated top (hey, I said I'm into the stash!) The second one remains to be seen. I'll probably have something picked out by tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

To The Longest-Time Crush

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Charm?

Right. This is the third time I've tried to make this entry; if I lose connection when sending it this time, I'll know someone is trying to tell me something.

Gradually getting things up on the etsy site. No sales yet, but lots of looks, according to the site's counter.

Working on a moebius scarf/hood/cowl thing. It calls for size 35 needles. Now, I've been around knitting and knitters all my life. I've inherited needles and yarn and stitch markers and cable hooks of all types. But I've never had any size 35s. I won a lovely pair of bamboo 19s at a yarn shop open house once, but the largest I've ever actually knit on were 17s. Til this. And I had to go buy the bloody things. They look like those giant souvenir pencils you can get, with a red tassel around the enormous eraser, and drawings of a state's famous sites and people all over it.

ANYway, knitting with them is a trial. Like manuevering 2 table legs. And to imagine there are size 50s! Thinking of having to do something with them makes my hair hurt.

Monday, August 15, 2005

From Pitiful to Hopeful

I'm spending a lot of today posting items for sale on I found this site quite by accident, while reading another blog, and it seems just the thing I might need to get this cottage industry thing kickstarted. Of course, this will always be my anchor site.

I will try not to cross-list items between the two, though it's bound to happen occasionally. There are 3 or 4 things up right now; I'm having much better luck uploading my own photos there than here. And while I've been at work, I've had "An Awfully Big Adventure" playing on the DVD. I skip several scenes, cutting right to Rickman, who is wonderful to look at and listen to in this film. His character finds himself in an appalling situation, but Rickman is a feast. A feast.

So, I'm less wobbly-chinned today. But I'd still like to join a Secret Pal group, or something like it. K?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Little Help Here. . .

Can someone out there, one of my fellow knitters, please tell me how to get involved in a Secret Pal program, or a Scarf Swap project, or something? I want to join one so badly, but am having no luck whatsoever on my own. Most programs have geen going on awhile, and I can't dig back far enough in anyone's archives to get the necessary information.

PLEASE? I'd make someone a good correspondent, I promise!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Too Many Does Exist

This is a single fig, ripe, hanging from the tree in our backyard. Pretty, huh? Note the date. At this time, the entire tree (and it's a big one) is full of ripe figs. The only problem with that is, none of us eat figs. Or even like them that much. Which means that the ripe figs (and there are a lot) of them simply fall off the tree when their juicy weight makes it impossible for the branches to hold them anymore.

Again, not a problem, save that our deck butts right up against said fig tree. In fact, when my husband and I were looking for a plan for the deck (we built it ourselves), we had to find one that would fit beside/around the fig tree. As big as this tree is, loads of the figs fall onto the deck. Which makes for a squishy, smelly, bee-and-wasp-laden mess every year. Now, the bees and birds and squirrels are our great friends about this time annually. But it's hard to enjoy the deck over the odor and through the treacherous footing.

Inside, the knitting continues. I finished a scarf last night (after frogging it 4 times), so will scour patterns and stash today for something new. Meanwhile, my poor little Knit the Classics wrap waits patiently. Every now and then, I'll add a couple more puny rows. But it will be done one day. I promise.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More of this day than seems right has been spent trying to upload photos to this website. For reasons beyond your correspondent, this computer is incapable of uploading my picture files. Said files must, therefore, be sent to Heather, who places the photos on the site. Then I, theoretically, put them on their appropriate pages, describe and price the items,and the world, commercially-speaking, continues to go 'round.

Only the pictures don't show up.

Descriptions, yes. Prices, yes. For a couple of the photos, a very top edge. But not full pictures. What is the problem? Is it me? Is it my machine? Are the Retail Fates lined up against me? I'm very tired of waging this same battle.

As, I am sure, you are tired of reading about it.

The Third Project is still proving elusive. Not to fear, though --- a dear old friend, and one of Hannah's all-time favorite teachers, has a couple of pieces she wants me to attempt to finish. We're meeting her tomorrow afternoon to have a look. I've never picked up someone else's work and tried to complete it; this might be very interesting.

The Knit the Classics wrap is going very slowly, even as I work to finish the book. I really should be working on it a lot more, but the pattern requires such attention that other things are just easier. It will be gorgeous, though, once I get it done.

The wrap, I mean. I had nothing to do with the book.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I cannot imagine that anyone hates grocery shopping more (or even as much as) I do. But I had to drag myself there this morning, and managed to come out under budget. So I treated myself to Barnes and Noble. The new "Vogue Knitting" is out, but I haven't looked at yet, as I also bought Lion Yarns' "Just Scarves," and have been perusing it. I fell in love with one pattern on the spot: a shawl/muffler combination thing. I don't know if I have enough yarn of any kind to knit it right now, but it is really nice. I try not to buy knitting books if there aren't several patterns in them that I want. For instance, if a book is $19.95, but only has one pattern I like, there's no point. This one does have several pretty scarves, including crocheted ones. If I could only keep up with my stitch count when crocheting, I'd make one of them.

I finished the feather and boucle' scarf last night. Gave up on the dog coat: borrrrr-ing. So I began a ruffled scarf, and got about a third of the way through while watching a Broadway retrospective on PBS last night. Which means I get to choose a third project sometime today. Whee!!!

It is time for me to start working on my hand eye inventory. I renewed the domain name yesterday. Toying with the idea of letting the Internet thing go after the year if I don't see something of a profit. Stay local. I never expected this to become a primary income source, but I would like to make a wee bit of money from it. As of right now, I'm in the red.

But having fun!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

So many of you must be wondering what I'm doing with myself now that the children are back in school. Well, yesterday, I sent my first finished blanket to Warm the World. Very pink and girly, and I don't know why I've had the feather-and -fan thing going lately (my Knit the Classics project is a variation), but there it is. I feel pretty good about myself.

Currently on the needles: 1) the aforementioned KTC wrap
2) a feather-yarn and boucle' scarf
3) a Christmas dog coat.
The only one with any variety is the wrap, whose pattern I have not memorized. I'm coming along with its companion book, though not as quickly as I'd like. While we were gone, 3 boxes of book orders came in, and I'm dying to get to some of them. But I'll stick with this.

I've been trying, to no avail, to get more photos of the for-sale-things up here. I get cocky when I'm able to make pictures appear on the blogs, and believe I am more skilled than I am. It's the same process, basically, so I don't know why the website throws me off. But I don't think anyone much is looking to buy wool handwarmers just now; maybe by the time the weather gets cool, I'll have it figured out.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Plain Ol' Pride

This is my remarkable mother and some of her work, now on exhibit at her local library. Look at those pieces behind her ---
those are stitched!!! Don't they look like paintings? Nope; bajillions of x's. She never does anything poorly. The only thing I have ever heard or seen that she cannot do is milk a cow. (Which, when you think about it, isn't a handicap of any sort.)

ANYway, she is exceptional at everything she does. A perfectionist. She's holding a bell pull and our Christmas stockings, which didn't make it onto the wall. We are all so very, very proud of her and love her deeply.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Tagged by my friend The Fearless Knitter, and, before her: Sassy Stitches
Purls of Hope,
here are Five Things I Miss from Childhood:

1. Playing outside --- barefoot, and always with somebody from next door or across the street. We'd play kickball, or Barbies,
or sit and read, or play School or Red Rover. . . One of us would think of something we needed, and speed off to our house,
fly through the kitchen screen door, pick it up and dash back outside; there was no time to lose! And in the summer, when
you could stay out until the streetlights came on? Nothing better.

2. Pudding in a cup --- don't know why this came to mind, but Mama had these smallish, roundish tan cups that hung on
hooks in one of our cabinets, and when she would make pudding, she'd put it in them. They would be so cold from being
in the refrigerator, and they snuggled right into your palm. Ummmmm, butterscotch . . .

3. Snoopy --- a stuffed animal Daddy bought for me. Not even a "real" Snoopy --- this one had red ears, for crying out loud.
But I couldn't sleep without it. It got lost once, and sheer panic set in. We found it eventually, and I still have it. It's very
worn, and pretty flat, but you couldn't get it from me for a king's ransom.

4. Mama changing the sheets over me --- the fitted sheet would go on, then I'd lay down, and she'd fluff the flat sheet over me
time and time again. It felt cool and breezy and smelled crisp and fresh.

5. The sound of Daddy coming home --- again, coming in through the kitchen door, then emptying his pockets on the TV
table. The sound of loose change, and a buckeye, and a tube of Blistex hitting wood; that's a good memory.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back, and Tired

Hi, all! We are back from Nashville, and so very tired. Laundry and housework to do (who knew 3 cats would make such a mess?), a full US Postal Service receptacle of mail to go through. May be a minute before I re-blog. But, quickly, I did finish a massive poncho, a pair of mittens, and socks while we were gone. Also got a great deal done on a child's blanket for Warm the World.

More, and some photos, to follow.