Friday, July 08, 2005


This is Gable. Gable is the King of Our House, as anyone living here can tell you. He came to us as a captured stray with a rough past, to which the various bites and scratches on his painfully skinny frame attested. He has since grown into this 12-pound hedonist with supreme confidence. At the time we first saw him, he was so thin, and his ears so big, and those pale green eyes so prominent, I called him "Yoda" on the spot. Hannah, however, rechristened him, and naming him after the great screen image couldn't have been more prescient nor accurate.

Gable, by the way, is the only one of our 3 cats who has no interest whatsoever in playing with stray yarn, or balls of same. He will, however, array himself on a work in progress and dare you to displace him. How can my continuing be more important than his comfort?


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