Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm not sure if cats pout, but if one of ours were to, this would be the one. Meet Lily Potter Dean, whose image I thought I would share with you as you have previously met her "big brother", Gable. I took this picture because of how she was laying. I collect figurines of cats curled up into balls like this, so I took a photo of her to frame and put on the table where I keep most of them.

Hannah says I am under a serious obligation now to post pictures of the 3rd cat and both dogs. We'll see.

I posted a picture of my Knit the Classics wrap on that site last night. Making pretty good progress; I'll be taking it to Nashville. Lots of the readers are making feather-and-fan-type wraps for this book. Or working lace. Something about the story and the setting seem to put us all in that frame of mind.

Will be leaving tomorrow for a week and a day. Unless something else comes to me today, you won't be hearing from me for quite a while. No friends' computer to borrow this time.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's Truly a Race Now

My son has now joined the reading-Harry-Potter-group, and is steadily gaining ground on yours truly. My daughter is still comfortably in the lead, and likely to finish today or tomorrow.

Trying to get things together to take to Nashville. The sticking point is the knitting. I've still got my Knit the Classics wrap going, plus a poncho. But this week, I've been corresponding with a woman who has established an organization called Warm the World. It has volunteers who knit and crochet blankets for children in need. I want to get going on that, and may wind up taking a bag of yarn remnants with me to come up with something. One of the days we're there, I have to take my mother to the hospital for a test which requires her being knocked out, so I know I'll have some knitting time there. I just can't decide whether to find an established baby blanket pattern, or come up with something on my own. Still have a few days to decide.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

As per my last entry, I've been scanning lots of knitting blogs of late. They are great fun. Even found a fellow knitting-and-Dr.-Pepper junkie! (She's the "Fearless Knitter" to your right.)

We'll be going to Nashville in a few days. Not an entirely pleasurable trip, as my dear Uncle Edsel died yesterday. He was Mama's big brother, and she is devastated. Never having had a big brother, I don't know her pain, but he always seemed to me to be exactly what a big brother should be. He and my Daddy's big brother, George, whom we've also lost. Geez, I hate, hate, hate cancer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've added links to a few more knitting blogs I visit; maybe you'll take a gander at them sometime. I enjoy all the content, but must admit feeling inadequate when reading about these people's active lives and seeing their works in progress --- all gorgeous, and almost always on circular needles. :(

One blogger I recently found has started a "movement" for American knitter/bloggers to send words of encouragement to British ones. She's calling it a Friendship Circle, and yours truly is a member.

Lots of knitters are really good people.

Friday, July 08, 2005


This is Gable. Gable is the King of Our House, as anyone living here can tell you. He came to us as a captured stray with a rough past, to which the various bites and scratches on his painfully skinny frame attested. He has since grown into this 12-pound hedonist with supreme confidence. At the time we first saw him, he was so thin, and his ears so big, and those pale green eyes so prominent, I called him "Yoda" on the spot. Hannah, however, rechristened him, and naming him after the great screen image couldn't have been more prescient nor accurate.

Gable, by the way, is the only one of our 3 cats who has no interest whatsoever in playing with stray yarn, or balls of same. He will, however, array himself on a work in progress and dare you to displace him. How can my continuing be more important than his comfort?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Yarn Came

My silk yarn from elann arrived yesterday, and I started a couple of different things for my read- and knit-along before I landed on a wrap. It's the pattern I had in mind when I ordered, but I tried out a couple of other swatches before I committed myself. I've already got a couple of inches done; I'm sure the wrap will be finished far before the book is. Hey, I can wear it as I read.

Other than that, no real knitting news. My socks are inching along. I'm giving myself a day or two away from my stash before I go back in and try to find something to work with. Maybe a fresh eye will see something different.