Saturday, June 11, 2005

This shrug I am knitting with the old yarn is turning into a miracle garment. Where the pattern, as I have mentioned, called for 10 ounces of yarn, I have used 3 full balls of the old stuff, and am easily 75% finished. Seriously --- one extra-long sleeve, the back, and the second sleeve already down to the elbow. I'll be through, using only 4 balls that are clearly marked "1 ounce" each. Good old days, indeed!!

I'm also working on a fantastically simple idea for a scarf: knit loops, then strand them together like the old paper chains we used to make in elementary school. How obvious!?! Unfortunately, it isn't my original idea; I got it from a new book called Loop-d-loop. I'm making it in alternating links of gold and autumn variegated.

And I'm making a pair of mittens. Black openwork ribs and gray bodies. Hannah asked for them when she saw the first one finished last night.

Almost through with school. Two more teaching days, then the Final. A few days later, we're off to Virginia. I have to have my friend scout possible yarn shops in the Richmond area. . .


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