Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ten Things to Know About Me as a Knitter

1. I cannot knit on double-pointed needles. (My daughter can.)
2. I prefer not to knit on circulars.
3. When shopping for yarn, I always look at purples first. I really like tweeds
as well. If I'm going through reds and oranges, I'm desperate.
4. I like to use texture in solid colors rather than knit with lots of seperate
5. My first project was a mustard-colored vest with seed stitch bands and
6. I am a pattern junkie. Probably in need of intervention.
7. It is almost impossible for me to throw away leftover yarn. (Hey, stripes
don't take much. Neither do Barbie hats.)
8. I completely let go of the right needle when I knit --- no matter what the
stitch. (Which may have something to do with my dpn problem.)
9. I can knit laying down. Not for long, but I can do it.
10. I wish I were knitting right now!!!!


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